CNC routing and woodworking services

CNC Routing

Our computer-controlled router cuts and engraves with the highest precision. With a table size enough to fit a 4' x 8' sheet, it allows for large-scale cuts when needed. Our software also enables us to nest your parts on materials maximizing your output.

This is an example of our Woodworking services


We are committed to a full range of services. Beyond designing and cutting parts, we also have the tools in our facility to finish your woodworking projects. These services also include finishing and coatings using the best products available for the finest of finishes.

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CAD/CAM has revolutionized the  manufacturing process right from the concept design to the production. The software has had a profound impact on  woodworking with an ability to  produce extremely intricate designs easily, while saving thousands of man hours.

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Visual Design

To help visualize how your idea, design or anything else might fit with other pieces, we are excited to offer the visual rendering services of End Vision Designs. We will seamlessly have them create the visuals you need to ensure you are ready for the next step, production.

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InQueue Cabinetry

Remodeling or starting from scratch, we offer quality cabinetry in five different lines to fit your budget and design needs.  Unique to our company is the ability to offer a TRUE custom designed and manufactured cabinet.  We use only the quality materials.

An Example of Inqueue Home Decor

InQueue Home Decor

If you are searching for the perfect unique piece, then show our line of home decor items. These pieces have been created by international designers and printed right in North Carolina. We can guarantee that no one else will be selling these pieces.


From Concept....

If you are just starting your journey and need initial concepts, designs or consulting we are here to help. Our team is the best there is at ensuring your design is perfect.

...To Completion

After your concept has been designed and refined, we will use the best materials for your products application. Whether using our CNC router or other woodworking shop resources, you will end up with quality results.

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